START HERE! 1: TEACHER SUPPORT 2: IMPLEMENTATION 3: DIGITAL CONTENT 4: EXCURSIONS/INCURSIONS • Teacher background notes • Planning ahead andequipment list • Differentiated learning: cateringfor gifted and talented students • Teaching and learning plan(including safety notes) • Basic Genetics worksheet • Investigation worksheet • Human Traits Checklist • Human Traits Wheel • PowerPoint • Learning Objects • Websites PATTERNS OF INHERITANCE LEARNING INTENTIONS Science Understanding / Biological sciences / Year 10 The transmission of heritable characteristics from one generation to the next involves DNA and genes (ACSSU184) Learning Intentions Students will be able to: • describe the structure and function of DNA, genes and chromosomes • understand that genetics and the environment define traits • predict offspring genotypes and phenotypes resulting from single gene (monogenic) crosses • explain why combining class data makes the data more reliable • make predictions • identify patterns in findings • develop and justify conclusions • explain how to increase the reliability of their data. How to use a CLE The Science ASSIST project is supported by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training through the Mathematics and Science Participation Program.