Pushes and Pulls

This online teaching resource offers advice on how to approach teaching forces and motion to early years students.

This teacher resource discusses students' understandings of forces and motion, pushes and pulls.

It also details learning tasks that will engage students when investigating these concept.

There are also links to academic research on science education for younger primary students.

Pushing and Pulling

This online resource is a series of Flash-based interactives intended to support the learning of early years students when investigating the effect of pushing and pulling on stationary objects.

This interactive learning object consists of four major parts.

1. Starter activity—students identify who is pushing, who is puilling and which items can be pushed and pulled.

2. Main session—students explore the effect of the strength of a push on an object and how far it will travel.

Garden detective: Australian garden

This online resource is a game that simulates an Australian garden.

The resource is an ABC Splash Flash-based interactive game that allows users to investigate the ecology of an average Australian garden.

Students can explore, find, collect, read about and classify a range of creatures commonly found in an Australian garden, including: crickets, wasps, slaters, ants, and dragonflies. In all there are 24 creatures to find.

How seeds become plants

This online resource deals with the germination of seeds.

The resource is a 5-minute video that describes and explains the ways in which some seeds develop and grow into plants.

The associated web page includes the transcript of the audio and provides helpful guidance for teachers with a set of sound discussion questions to pose to students at each of the following times:

  1. Before viewing,
  2. As you view,
  3. After viewing, and
  4. Next steps.

This video would support student learning for Year 4 students being taught these concepts.

Learning to be Waste Wise - Compost

This downloadable document deals with composting.

The document is a comprehensive teaching resource for investigating the effects on materials of composting.

This inquiry-based resource provides comprehensive advice on ways to conduct an investigation into how materials change when composted and explains the purpose in setting up a composting system.

The resource also gives teacher background information and outlines 10 structured activities/lessons as well as listing many related websites, including video links, that would support such activities.

The Future of Plastics

This online resource looks at plastics and their future use in Australia.

The resource provides information on the current status and future use of plastics and examines the need for a new source of plastics that reduces the pressure on demand for fossil fuels in their production and the impact of this use of fossil fuels on the environment.

A new range of plastics known as bioplastics are introduced and detailed information about their origins and their differing abilities to decompose safely in the environment is provided.

Climate Change and Coral Bleaching

This online resource examines the bleaching of coral due to climate change.

The website provides detailed information on the role of rising ocean temperatures and ocean acidification in coral bleaching. It uses a variety of videos, animations and hyperlinks to present complex information in an interesting and accessible format suitable for Year 9 and 10 students.


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