Occupational health and safety


Hand sanitiser

Hand sanitiser: An SDS for the hand sanitiser our school has purchased states "Keep out of reach of children". I have been asked to find out about this statement and what the school should do to make sure they are doing the right thing as we are a Prep-12 school. Does this mean that in the junior school all hand sanitiser supplied by the school is used under supervision and this is not necessary for senior students?

Transportation of school chemicals

Transportation of school chemicals: What are the rules for transporting school chemicals in private vehicles?

Recently a University approached me with some surplus chemicals they were going to dispose of via manifesto (which, after treatment, go to landfill). Most of these chemicals were in good condition, but some were listed as hazardous. Although only small quantities, I was hesitant to take any, as I was unsure of the consequences of carrying small amounts of both non hazardous and hazardous chemicals in my car, even over small distances.

Chemical Store Ventilation

Chemical Store Ventilation: Can you clarify if the exhaust fan in the chemical store should be regularly tested to ensure it is providing sufficient ventilation? I have read a few of your previous answers on this matter but could not find anything that said it should be properly tested on a regular basis. At some of my previous jobs, the technician would test the fan at the same time as the fume cupboards, but not all schools have done this.

safety showers & eye washes

Safety showers & eye washes: We are a very small regional school. We are after a SOP & risk assessment for safety showers and eye washes to use as a guide to write our own. We would like to extend the flushing of the showers out to a month or once per term.

Also, our safety shower does not deliver 70L /min we have tested it and it is around 40L / min. The water lines around town into the school will not allow us to get this water flow. Where do we stand with this and can we write something in our risk assessment or SOP to cover this?


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