Occupational health and safety


Hydrogen peroxide storage

Hydrogen peroxide storage: I have stored H2O2 in the fridge in the Chem Prep room for years but recently I have been part of discussions that say this should never be the case, it should be stored in the 5.1 cupboard.

This is not exactly a cool place, as the SDS suggests, so I'm confused as to what to do.

safety showers & eye washes

Safety showers & eye washes: We are a very small regional school. We are after a SOP & risk assessment for safety showers and eye washes to use as a guide to write our own. We would like to extend the flushing of the showers out to a month or once per term.

Also, our safety shower does not deliver 70L /min we have tested it and it is around 40L / min.  The water lines around town into the school will not allow us to get this water flow. Where do we stand with this and can we write something in our risk assessment or SOP to cover this?

Barium nitrate solutions

Barium nitrate solutions: Is a 0.1M solution of barium nitrate permissible for years 7-10 in NSW Department of Education Schools? It is not clear in the CSIS chemical search. What percentage is a 1M solution of barium nitrate and is it a saturated solution? Can I make up a 0.5M solution of barium nitrate?

Disposing of wire gauze mats with ceramic centres

Disposing of wire gauze mats with ceramic centres: I have some of these and have checked with the supplier in relation to the possiblity of containing Tremolite. I have obtained a report from the supplier stating that their mats do not contain Tremolite but at this time there are no accredited NATA procedure to test for Tremolite by scanning electron mirosope.

Consequently we would like to dispose of ours and was wondering what the best way is ? 

I have bagged them and placed them in the chem store.  I hope that you can offer some advice.


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