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Disposing of wire gauze mats with ceramic centres

Disposing of wire gauze mats with ceramic centres: I have some of these and have checked with the supplier in relation to the possiblity of containing Tremolite. I have obtained a report from the supplier stating that their mats do not contain Tremolite but at this time there are no accredited NATA procedure to test for Tremolite by scanning electron mirosope.

Consequently we would like to dispose of ours and was wondering what the best way is ?

I have bagged them and placed them in the chem store. I hope that you can offer some advice.


Phenanthroline: My Chemistry teacher would like to use Phenanthroline for senior chemistry EEI’s. The MSDS lists this chemical as Acute hazard category 1, and Acute toxicity oral category 3. Could you tell me if this chemical is ok to use in schools?

Storage of offal

Storage of offal: Is it acceptable to store offal, such as plucks, hearts, kidneys, etc., in a freezer for long periods (months) for future use? If so, and the freezer is located in a prep room (i.e. not accessible by students and used only for science purposes) is there any requirement to have this locked?

Authored 2017-03-06

GHS Hazard category ratings

GHS Hazard category ratings: Can some one please explain the rating on the chemicals in the SDS please? For example the Hydrochloric Acid 25 - 36% Hazard Identification : skin corrosion/irritation: category 1B, for Specific Target Organ Toxicity Single Exposure: category 3 and Corrosive to Metals: category 1.

Is the lower number less of a hazard or more of a hazard?


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