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Chemical Storage Timeframes

Chemical Storage Timeframes: I was wondering if there are any guidelines that relate to how long chemicals can be stored in a secondary school prep lab before they go 'bad' - essentially a use by date? None of my chemicals have use by dates, but some are very old (from the 90's), and I'd like some information to forward to my HOD to back up my request for disposal.

Aluminium powder

Aluminium powder: I have just purchased some Aluminium powder and the MSDS from the supplier ( Chem supply ) states Non Hazardous and Non dangerous goods.

Other information from the Regional Technicians Group (Western Australia) risk assess states this is a 4.3 class chemical.

Could you clarify the correct class and storage requirement.

Aerosol storage

Aerosol storage: Q1 Where can I find the standards and requirements for safe aerosol storage in the lab prep area?

Q2 I have joined my schools OSH team and we have aerosols all over the school. What Australian Standards cover the storage of aerosols in a school or on a commercial building? We have no outside storage as we are an inner city school in a multistorey building.

Gas Cylinders

Storage of Gas Cylinders: We currently have three gas cylinders - Hydrogen - DG 2.1 (size E), Oxygen - DG 2.2 & 5.1 (size D) and Carbon Dioxide - DG 2.2 (size D) which are secured with chains on trolleys. They have always been stored in the science prep area together, but I have now separated them so that the Hydrogen Gas cylinder is at one end of the prep area and the the Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide are together at the other end of the prep area. The MSDS says (among various other conditions) that they need to be stored in a well ventilated area, away from sources of ignition.


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