Occupational health and safety


Blood Typing - Use of Animal Blood

Blood Typing—Use of Animal Blood: Hi, I know that if we use human blood for blood typing it has to be screened. A teacher attended a PD session and they used blood from the bottom of a bag of meat that was bought from the shops for human consumption. I'd like to know if it is OK to use this blood in a school laboratory?

Ammonium Nitrate

Ammonium Nitrate: Hi. Wondering if anyone uses ammonium nitrate for senior chemistry? Have a teacher who has requested some ammonium nitrate for making rockets? Not sure if it is a banned substance for schools, or if limitations are in place for having it. Any info on this would be useful. Thanks.

Dust at workplace

Dust at workplace: Good afternoon Science ASSIST.

There is construction(renovation) going on adjacent to my lab. A hole has been knocked down to create an entrance to the new student's lab and the renovation of two additional classes for the Science area. While the construction is going on, we are still expected to carry out our duties.

Use of iron III nitrate and zinc nitrate

Use of iron III nitrate and zinc nitrate: Is it still okay to use iron III nitrate and zinc nitrate, as they are not listed on the Recommended List of Chemicals for Schools. We currently make up 0.5 M solutions of each to use in Year 11 & 12 Chemistry to look at half cells and the electrochemical series. Should we continue to use them and/or are there recommended alternatives?


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