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Potassium dichromate in the determination of alcohol content in wine

Potassium dichromate in the determination of alcohol content in wine: A prac for the determination of alcohol content in wine has been suggested for our Year 12 chemistry students. The prac asks for 0.04 M K2Cr2O7. Is this solution okay for the students to use? I have viewed the MSDS for potassium dichromate and am also wondering about the fertility and other health risks to the lab technician in preparation of these solutions. Thanks.

Laboratory ventilation

Laboratory ventilation: What are the standards for laboratory ventilation?

Our laboratories now have re-circulating air conditioning and only small, high, windows that are inaccessible unless on a ladder. There are also no screens, so, if the windows are open, many mosquitos enter. We also have a photocopier, washer, dryer, dishwasher and workshop in the prep area with no exhaust fans or fresh air.

Legal temperature for the chemical store room in schools

Legal temperature for the chemical storeroom in schools: I would like to know if there is a legal requirement for the temperature that a chemical storeroom should be kept at. With these high temperatures in Canberra, I have been tracking the temperature of our chem storeroom and am finding that it goes from 22 degrees up to 28.5 in just one day. I believe this is not good enough, with the variety of chemicals we store, and I thought I read somewhere that it should be about 20 +or- 2 degrees.

Would love to know what you can tell me.

PVA Slime

PVA Slime: There was a directive that came out from Education Queensland to all HODs in 2004/2005 regarding students not being permitted to take any slime made at school home. I no longer can find our school's copy of that directive. I guess its lost. Can you advise if this directive is still current?

Van de Graaff generator and electronic medical devices

Van de Graaff generator and electronic medical devices: The Science ASSIST Standard Operating Procedure for demonstrating the Van de Graaff generator has in its safety notes to ensure that anyone who has an electronic insulin pump should not be in the vicinity of the generator.

We have a teacher who has had a pump for about 5 years and frequently operates the VDG so far without incident. Do you have any more information about the risks involved, the type of pumps involved, the make of pump, anything that could make it safe for him?


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