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Spill Kit

Spill Kit: Hi, My school is for Years 7–12. I have a Spill Kit in place at work (stored in the prep room) which is kept in a smaller (i.e., 1/2 size) than standard-size wheelie bin. What would Assist suggest the contents/quantities of a Spill Kit be? I have 5 labs and a prep room all under the same roof (no steps). Should I have more than one? Note: each lab has a bucket of sand.

Mould investigations extra questions

Mould investigations extra questions: I have some further questions regarding the mould investigations:

1. I prefer to double bag because we have had leaking bags in the past.

2. I find that 1–2 weeks is a bit too long. We are in Cairns, where it is mostly hot and humid, and I have found that even 1 week can be too long, the mould totally takes over. I usually put bags in the fridge once mould growth starts to get out of hand.

potassium bromate

potassium bromate: I am wondering if it is safe/acceptable to order potassium bromate in solid form for a visually impressive science reaction for open day purposes. Are there any special considerations associated with this chemical, as I believe it can be quite hazardous? The teacher hopes to use the whole amount of potassium bromate ordered within a few days of ordering, so it would not be stored indefinitely in our chem room.

Chemical Waste from Ester Prac

Chemical Waste from Ester Prac: I have previously been asked to dispose of the chemical waste from the ester prac by evaporating it on an absorbent material and disposing of this to landfill. I have now been asked to store the waste in an organic waste bottle for collection at a later date. CSIS talks about disposal of esters in the case of a spill, but is not specific about waste disposal.


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